Sunday, June 10, 2007

Unconditional Love!!

I happened to have this interesting conversation with a girl I found on chat. It was a good and intelligent chat and we were discussing a very debatable topic. Hope you will find this interesting.

(The words in italic are comments by me after reading the chat once again. Of course, this is purely my point of view, and it may be wrong)

Me: if one goes on thinking... nothing really matters ..
But that life will be very boring

She: well..nope
i don't think so
a lotta things DO matter

Me: like ?

She: Family
and a million others

Me: hmm ..... i think we have created so many artificial [emotional] needs arnd ourselves that we think we need all these ...
one question still puzzle me as to why we are here [I guess its pure accident... there is no reason. we are just a by-product of evolution and we exist. that’s it] !!

She: well...we are think, to feel (love),to see and understand beautiful things[I think its exactly the opposite: we think and feel and understand things. therefore we are here. we have surpassed all other species in this arena and hence we are here. Otherwise we would have gone extinct like the Dodo]

and all in all we are [just another brick in the wall !! [this was a spontaneous addition and itsounds true]]here to ask why we are here [ we are here. hence we ask this question]..and to learn the answer through its steps!

Me: but thats only science...

She: it ain't

Me: i think love and such stuff is purely taught to us starting from our childhood... [and, as it is said in 'The selfish Gene', we show altruistic behavior with our relatives because they share a lot of similar genes than all other people. The more similar genes, the more we like them!]

She: it is everything
every field

Me: i disagree.... all the emotions that we feel are really because we are trained to feel that way [i really wonder as to what would happen if some kid is raised in an isolated chamber and trained in everything through computers and some hi-fi technology and books. After he is some 20 years would he really have the capacity to feel emotions. Are emotions really necessary? ]...
i dont think eve and adam felt that way!!

She: well...that is stupidity...

Me: well... its my point of view ! may be stupid

She: i don't call your point of view stupid
all i am saying that...the emotion i feel towards my mother is not artificial
and the feeling my mum gets towards me when i was born and now..that i am a part of her is not artificial

Me: hmm... well... i never told that they are artificial... the very first moment after u were born - all u need is some air and some food... but eventually u start "developing" emotions and liking and such stuff...
one develops such things ..

She: no. my mother feeds me
My mother lets me out to the harsh world delicately

Me: see - that’s called trading... u love ur mother ... She loves u ... [I really love my mom. All i am trying to understand here is the process by which it came into existence]







Me: love is purely circumstantial

She: it is not my dear. love is unconditional [i wish there was a thing like this. The world would have been a far better place]...if it is circumstantial then it ain't are mistaken!

Me: it is conditional.. for ex... u cannot start loving me instantaneously !! u need to have some situation/motivation/precondition to start doing that !!

That was the end of the chat and i guess its still incomplete. You guys might be thinking that i am fellow with no heart (i dont know why heart got associated with love though!! ) and who does not know what love is. Thats not the fact. I have experienced love from my parents, relatives, friends and lot of other people all through my life till now and its on. I also love/like lot of people in my life.

All i am trying to tell here is that there has to be a trigger for any kind of love. It cannot be created out of nothing. There has to be a reason and there is nothing as unconditional love.


Anonymous said...

Maga, the girl sure is intelligent ..but what about the guy .. I am sure seeing traces of Camus, Sartre, Coelho and a Bach there .. Keep it going ..

Afterthought : Time to get married ..may be ..


sreedhar said...

hmm.... too much of bad literary influence!! and about marriage - i wish i had absolute freedom to decide what i want in life or start developing utter disregard for everything!!

Anonymous said... make sense....your questions are correct....but you don't quite seem to accept their answers!

Well...this is my P.O.V.
The mother starts feeling the love for her child since the very first cell comes into existence....she can feel it..that is love...
it's not a trade of some sort...
if it were trade then it cannot be is like a has 2 sides to it!
well...if the child "dis-owns" the mother at any point of time for any particular reason....the mother can never STOP loving her child....see it ain't two sided!
Indeed the world is an AWESOME place to live are Yet to Wake up!
Wake up and get LOVED!!

sreedhar gundappa said...

mr/mrs Anonymous,
I should say that i was asleep all this while. Probably you should read 'The selfish gene' by Richard Dawkins. It woke me up.

Mothers and fathers love their children because they carry precisely half of their genes. They want to propagate them further or the genes make them act in way which is the best way to save themselves i.e. take care of the children.

Its measured my something called relatedness. In this case it is half, where as your relatedness to your grandfather is 1/4.
It is nice to talk in terms of love and such stuff but if you dig further you will find genes pulling the strings :)

Not a nice thought. yeah?!!

Anonymous said...

well...a mere book, can certainly not change my perceptions about love....
Of course genes MAY merely ADD to the LOVE...but LOVE is 'intrinsic'...just like the soul...
Oh it is easy to read books and term something as existent as love as a "trade"
i still think you are asleep!

sreedhar said...

well... i guess u should be open to new ideas/thoughts/way of thinking even though they are not conventional ... nobody thought time can slow down until Einstein told that. This is a similar thing.. a new way of looking at love.

girish mailar said...

newton's first law says:
everybody in this world needs external energy to move,
computers, robots , etc need electricity to work, they need a man to operate them, if this is true, then
who is moving ur body?

who is operating ur body?

which external energy is creating heat energy in u, which disappears after ur death?

why does'nt ur body move after ur death?

why does'nt ur brain work after ur death?

if ur brain is thinking n storing all the data, then why does it disappear after the death?

please think about this,
i will come to ur topic( the love) later.