Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ancestral tourism

Want to find out where you come from or who is your oldest ancestor ? Scrape few cells from the inside of your mouth and send it to any one of the nowadays common companies which does the genetic mapping. Its as easy as that and within few days you will have a reply telling where your ancestors lived!!

All this has been made possible because of the collection of large quantities of genes from all over the world and storing the sequence data in a gene-bank. Our genes will be compared to the already existing sequences in the bank and thus tell to which group you belong to.

Using genetic data, scientists have even developed how earlier people moved from place to place. It looks like the first man/woman came from Africa and eventually they moved on to different parts of the world where their genes evolved!

If everybody came from the same root what the hell is racism all about ?! Although we came from the same roots, our genes have evolved and are different(although the difference is small it makes a big difference in our appearances) from that of the first people. People with similar genes look similar.

Genetically speaking, racism can be defined as treating people with similar genes in a better way than others who contain less similar genes. Racism is in built into us by birth. Our genes tend/work to increase similar genes in the gene pool rather than other genes. We are born-racists. Mother nature has made us so!

Nevertheless, looks like(it only looks like) we have been fairly successful in suppressing this quality of the gene. At least there are no wars nowadays based on races. Never predict the future though!! Hitler can come again one day saying his race is the supreme!

So much in our genes!!

[check this out to see what all our genes can tell !! ]

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