Friday, June 22, 2007

Some facts on South Aricans

Some interesting facts about South Africans:

1. If you tell them something/anything they will immediately acknowledge by saying "is it ?".
ex: Me - i went to a party yesterday
Y - is it ?
Me - (No, I am just kidding!! for god's sake!! )

Now, I have also picked up this habit of saying "is it ?". Friends back home will have a tough time when i go back next week.

2. Weird Afrikaans words and pronunciations.
They pronounce g as k. v as f.
ex: Federer can also be written as Vederer in Afrikaans.
King can be written as ging and it will sound the same.

Tjek is pronounced as cheque.

3. On the road:
- They will turn on their headlights when a single cloud blocks the sun or when the watch hits 6 O' clock in the evening, even though there is enough light to see the road.
- When you allow them to overtake you, they will say thanks by flashing the hazard light and you can say welcome by flashing your high beam.

4. They say it gets cold when there are no clouds because its more open and cold air comes in from the space or from wherever.

5. They think India is a very poor country and Indians don't know English.

6. They like to brai[put on some fire and cook meat] for no reason.

7. They cannot live without alcohol. its a sin not to drink.

8. They like rugby!

9. They love their beaches.

10. Usually when you enter office in the morning you will be greeted with a "Howzit?". Now howz what ?? and they don't expect any answer for this question.

11. They believe vegetarian people have a short life.

12. They love to keep tab on the weather forecasts. On an average they will know exactly how the next week is going to be. Rainy, sunny, hot, cloudy etc.

13. South African Indians have a taste for Tamil. Any songs from Hindi blockbusters will be immediately translated to Tamil. You can hear to Dhoom 2, Guru and all other hindi songs in tamil on the Durban FM - Lotus.

14. Suppose somebody wants a cigarette. He will come to me and ask it like this:
He - " May be you don't want to lend me a cigarette?"
Me - (Ya, May be i don't want to!!) sure!

I would have simply asked - 'can you please lend me a cigarette ?' . They make talking complicated.

15. Confessions. Suppose somebody tells you a wrong thing and later they realize that its wrong. They will come to you and say:
He - " I lied to you ".
Me - "(OK. thats 100 push ups ) its fine!"

Its OK. You did not do it intentionally! But its a terrible sin for them.

16. They are nice people! :)


Anonymous said...

That was truly funny !!

girish mailar said...

is it????????????

i feel mercy abt their knowledge in international happenings, if they think indians dont know english, that shows their poor knowledge.
indian students can score better than americans n british people in GRE n TOEFEL,
india is not poor, the annual gdp of india is 5lakh crores,(more than 100 Billion US DOLLARS)
after coming to newzealand , i feel
these western people dont read newspapers or international news, they dont know whats happening in the world, i think indians read news more than any other nationals.

ur artical is simple n knowledgeful. newzealanders also have some of those habits abt alcohol n nonveg.

prabha said...

its cool....nice blog!