Sunday, May 6, 2007

the monk who sold his 'blind date' !!

I must tell you about one little incident that happened in Durban. I missed a date or threw away a date!! Can you believe it??

Some days before going to Durban I started to look for girls in Durban who were on Orkut. You know I started scrapping them and see if they responded. I was just trying my luck or testing the probabilities that I might get a date in Durban.

Many of them did, but I started some real conversations with only a few girls. I guess these had an internet connection at home and checked emails and scraps regularly or worked with computers at office. So I had a very limited choice to start with and they had to be single! :) , So that they will come out with me for a blind date. I could not fix any real date before going to Durban. Life is tough, I must say!!

So, I went to Durban. 1st day, no luck. 2nd day, no luck. On the third day, I asked one of them if she is interested in a blind date. I really did not expect a ‘yes’. She was a Durban Indian and doing studies. You see, the probability of finding a girl, who is a student and single, is very difficult. Because usually you get to have lot of friends around when you are studying and hence the probability of finding a boyfriend or a girlfriend is very high then! I guess I was bit lucky in this case. Anyways, she replied back saying that she is busy and bla….bla..bla. Typical girl I believe. I left a scrap with my mobile number asking to let me know if she changed her mind ;) ! According to what I have seen, most of the girls – may be around 90%, change their mind very quickly and this girl did!! She messaged me asking whether I was enjoying Durban and when I was returning back and such stuff. I call this ‘beating around the bush’! Why don’t you girls get straight to the point? Anyways, I did not wanted beat around the bush and asked what she is doing that evening and whether she is free for a date! Believe me, she was good in making plans and she was fast. She told that we can go for supper and then a movie. I was like ‘WOW’!! She knows how to plan a date. Must have done it many times. But there was a problem. She said that two of her ‘cool’ friends will also be joining!! I did not like this idea and told that I liked going alone with her. I guess she must have been scared to go on a date with a stranger all alone knowing that the crime rate in Durban is very high and i could be potentially kidnap her!! I tried to convince her a lot but she did not budge. She was bent on going for a ‘double date’ as she termed it. I thought ‘double date’ is going out with two girls (all for yourself :) )!!

I guess I was bit adamant. Also, I was tired due to my previous night at the casino. I really stayed late there at the casino. I was already feeling sleepy in the evening. Finally I gave up and asked her to go ahead with her plans thinking that she will change her mind. But, she did not. She asked me to ‘SUIT MYSELF’ to her plans. What the ****!! May be I was begging but I was doing it with some self-respect!! I think that really hurt my ego. That was it. I was not going to take any more. I declined the date!!

That’s it. Do you think I was stupid? I really felt so the next morning :) . What if I had gone for that date with her? I know that one date will really not turn your world upside down but I am thinking whether it would have any considerable effect on my life!! What if I had started liking her? I would have been going on a very different path than what I am now!!

Life is always filled with these interesting twists and turns and I missed one. Anyways I am just wondering what would have happened if I had taken that turn. I wish I had some time machine, by which I could go backwards and see what would have happened. Unfortunately I have no ways of doing that.

May be it would have been an interesting path taking me to a wonderland. May be not. May be. May be not. May be. May be not. May be…………………….. :)

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