Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Durban day 3 – Botha’s Hills

Caroline was actually becoming my travel planner by suggesting various places to visit and guiding me. That was nice. On the third day she suggested me to go to Botha’s hill, which is around 60 kms from Durban.

I forgot to tell you that I met an interesting couple at the guesthouse from Johannesburg. His name was Lucas and he worked in the South African Crime Intelligence Dept. He was amazing. It seems he had fled SA during the difficult times and gone to Uganda where he got some military training and such stuff. Eventually he returned to home in 1993, just before SA got Independence. It was very nice to talk to him. He said that when he starts working on a case, it can keep him away from home for 4-5 days sometimes as he has to pick up leads and go to different places. Crime is a very bad thing. He told ‘Hey Bro, when I say bye to my family everyday, I don’t know whether I will do it again. It’s a very difficult life for the police’. I could not say much to what he said. It is very difficult to step into his shoes and empathize with him. Some experiences have to be had first hand. One cannot learn much by listening or watching.

They were here for a holiday and take some rest off their busy lives. I learnt that Lucas loved walking and the previous day he had gone for a small walk of some 15 km. that’s all!! I thought that he must be around 30-35. But he told me that he was 46! I did not have a camera. I should have taken a photograph of him.

Anyways, I got the map and started off towards Botha’s Hills. Its actually part of an area called the Valley of the thousand hills. The drive was a nice one with mountains and farms around. I went to a café. Had my lunch and started driving back. The café had a nice view but not so nice service. Anyways I had some good beerJ. That’s one thing I like about SA. You get to drink anywhere and everywhere.

I was rather tired, as I did not have much sleep the previous day. I skipped dinner and went to bed.

End of day 3!

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