Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Durban - day 1 - uShaka

I reached the place, had a coffee, freshened up and was set to start explore Durban. Caroline told that it would be a good idea to go to uShaka that day as it was the first day of the holiday and hence less crowd. I went to uShaka and got myself a ticket to the uShaka marine world.

The marine world in the aquarium is amazing. You get to see a lot of different fish. They are so colorful and i guess each fish is specialized in a different way. The aquarium is nicely built - its like a tunnel with glass walls inside a lake or a sea. It was big and they kept all kinds of fish from the tiniest to the sharks and tortoises and what not. There is also a chamber where they have kept snakes and spiders!! the chamber is really scary - you will be watching a snake which will be almost dead and suddenly from no where u will hear a loud sound which scares you to a jump.
So that was the aquarium and actually you can spend the whole day by just watching the fish. They are so beautiful.

Then there is this seal show. They have made a funny play or something where in the seal also has a part. I did not know that they are so intelligent. It can clap and dance and do other intelligent things. It was very interesting to watch this show.

After that i saw that the crowd was going to a theater kinda stuff where in the actual stage is a pool. There was the dolphin show!! It is one of the most fantastic things i have ever seen. There were some 3 dolphins and they were dancing in such a synchronous way that i dont think anybody can match. They also had put some nice music. So it actually looks like they are dancing to the music. But actually they are just listening to the whistle and watching the signs made by the trainer there. Anyways you can forget the whistle and the signs and think that they are dancing to the music. Its lovely !! One of the dolphins was around 30 years old. I did not know the they can live for so long. It seems they can live for as long as 50 years!! It was an amazing show!! the money was worth it.

So that was the end of the day. I had few beers and left the place. I had to find some place where i can find dinner. I went to a place up north called Umhlanga rocks ( it is pronounced as umshlanga - in afrikaans h and l together make shl !!). I found an Indian restaurant there which had a buffet. It was not that good and not bad also. But the owner was saving power on AC by keeping it off!!

I was tired at the end of day 1 and went straight to the guest house and slept. So that was day 1 for me in Durban. It was good :)

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