Monday, May 21, 2007

Living in Strand

South Africa is a beautiful country. Living by the sea only makes it even better! I never knew why property rates are so high along the sea until I myself started living by the beach in Strand. It is flat no 4, 121, Kusweg, Beach road, Strand. It has an amazing sea-view and it is a treat to live here.

I don’t know why, but I never get tired of simply sitting and watching the sea. Everyday the sea changes its colors depending on the clouds and the clouds change the colors too. Strand is situated in a kind of bay area where on the other side of the bay is Cape Town. The sea is lined by mountains on the other side and that’s where the sun goes down.

It’s a treat to watch the sun go down in the mountains by the sea, painting the sky with spectacular colors which I would have never thought of! Trust me, God is a great artist. The sea also changes colors depending on the sky, clouds and I have not understood till date as to what the formula is for the color of the sea. It can be blue-green, dark blue, gray, red (because of the red planktons that float) sometimes and when it rains as it is today it is light gray-green. So many colors!!

It is lovely to watch the clouds as well. The sun gives them different colors during different times of the day. Morning and evening are the best and the clouds come in different shapes too. Sometimes it is as if a huge army is coming to attack you from the other side – big monstrous dark cloud which covers the mountains as well. Some times small clouds are scattered all around in a very regular manner and shape.

On the other side of our apartment I can see huge mountains lined up as though they are guarding us from the invaders. On some days you can see huge clouds which come and rest on these mountains as though they are tired by the journey. Or as though the mountains decided to get a white blanket for the night and have a good sleep. And in the places where there is a gap between the mountains you can see the cloud flowing down similar to a water fall but in a much slower fashion as if time had slowed down. Sometimes when the clouds are sitting on the mountains and the sun shines on them, I can only think of heaven!

Some day I will buy a beach house!!

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