Saturday, August 25, 2007

You look like a Bong!!

I was pretty early for the Emirates flight and was waiting for the Emirates desk to open. I got a book and started reading it. Then this girl came and sat beside me. She looked bored and was boring. Now that i had lot of time i thought of striking a conversation and see what happens.

Me - Are you also flying by Emirates ?
She - No, Indian Airways.

Looked like she wasn't interested in extending the conversation. I returned to my book. After some time i noticed that she was carrying a cylindrical plastic case, which most probably had a drawing or something. And her name was written on it and it also said that she was from iisc. Now that i had threads to pull, i thought i should give a try again.

Me - so you are from iisc. I noticed that on this thing.
She - [with a big smile lit on her face] yes! i am doing my Phd there[huh! i dont think i will like a phd girl! sounds too academic].
Me - which department ?
She - Molecular Bio-Physics. [wow! i know something in this area. I had recently read 'DNA' by James D Watson]
Me - related to DNA and such stuff ?
She - [looking surprised, thinking that i wont understand that term] oh! you know this?!!
Me - ya..[i am a know-all, cant you see it on my face? ]! what on exactly are you working ?
She - I am working on tuberculosis! [sounds very depressing] am going to Budapest to attend a conference.[wow! that sounds like a nice trip!!]
Me - I often come to iisc for walks. Its a nice place.
[she started laughing as though i told her that i walk naked there!! whats so funny abt it ?]
She - you look like a bong! [from which angle?? just bcoz i am reading a book written by a Bong writer doesn't, in any way, mean that i am a Bong!! for god's sake!!] are you ?
Me - [horrified] No!! am from Karnataka. What abt you ?
She - I am from Hyderabad. you know, iisc is full of bongs!! So, where are you going ?
Me - To South Africa.
She - Are there lot of mosquitoes there ?? [man, all, people can think of Africa is mosquitoes!! ]
Me - Mosquitoes!! no!!

At this point of time she asked me to have a look on her luggage and went to the restroom. I thought that it was the only reason as to why she came and sat beside me. She wanted to go to the lu and wanted somebody to have an eye on her luggage. How mean?? I took revenge. After she came back, i asked her to keep an eye on my luggage and went to the restroom. Tit for tat [ i donno why there is a tit in this phrase and what is a tat ?? i would definitely wanna get some tits by giving tats]!!

The desks opened and i went to check in my luggage! we did not exchange emails or whatever.

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