Friday, August 17, 2007

Reading 'English, August' in August!!

I started reading this another nice book 'English, August' written by Upamanyu Chatterjee. The author himself is/was(i am not sure) an IAS officer. And in this book, he opens up the life of an young IAS officer, Agastya (nick-named August and hence the name of the book), who has been posted to a remote town for training and also narrates as to how things work in the IAS. Definitely a nice and must read.

An excerpt:

" In his essay Agastya had said that his real ambition was to be a domesticated male stray dog because they lived the best life. They were assured of food, and because they were stray they didn't have to guard a house or beg or shake paws or fetch trifles or be clean or anything similarly meaningless to earn their food. They were servile and sycophantic when hungry; once fed, and before sleep, they wagged their tails perfunctorily whenever their hosts passed, as an investment for future meals. A stray dog was free; he slept a lot, barked unexpectedly and only when he wanted to, and got a lot of sex."

So many reasons to be a domesticated male stray dog!! how i wish i was one!! I am already dreaming! :)

Incidentally there is a stray dog(i am not sure whether its a male or female!) in front of our office which is one of the topics of discussion when we go for chai and smoke. Whatever the traffic be on the road, it will be happily sleeping in the middle of the road devoid of all worries and it will not move, what come may!! It has either reached the pinnacle of spirituality or it has become highly suicidal!! I just cant believe its utter carelessness.

[wow! this is the 50th post on this blog!! a 50 in 5 months!! not bad at all.]

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