Monday, August 13, 2007

Independence ?? Huh!!

Even Andra Pradesh is pondering over implementing the quota system that has been kicked off in UP!

"An empty mind(a politician's mind (most of them!)) is a devil's workshop!". Or you can equally say that "An empty mind is a politician's workshop". The meaning remains the same.

Only God can save this country. But i don't think he will get a chance for anything due to all the quotas and reservations and all the crap happening.

But wait!! which caste does God belong to?? hehhe!!!

We are celebrating our Independence day tomorrow. Independence from what??? The British ?? I think thats the only Independence we got in the real sense.

My country doesn't have independence from poverty, corruption, power-politics, crippling infrastructure, quota systems, red tape, diseases, naxals, terrorists in kashmir and bla bla bla. If you open the news paper you will see a whole lot of issues like this.

You guys must be thinking that i am one of those guys who just complain and do nothing. sirf bolnese kya hoga?? (talking won't help).

But atleast i complain !!
(Majority of India is like this)
I am sure that 100% of the people who are reading this blog will not have any sort of serious problems and will be pretty happy in life to celebrate Independence day. But what about the rest of India? Independence day doesn't mean anything to them!! It is still a daily fight for food and shelter.

I am ashamed of the current state of affairs in India. My head hangs low in front of other people when they talk of India as a poor and corrupt country. I cannot defend my country. Because thats the truth.

And our people raise a lot of hue and cry about Indians who have settled abroad. I don't think its wrong. People find that the quality of life is much better there than in India and hence they decide to settle there. At the end of the day everybody is selfish and would like to have a good life!

Somehow not so proud to be an Indian today!! Miles to go!

Jai Bharath! Vande Mataram! and Happy Independence day!!!!

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