Monday, August 6, 2007

The maid in the lime-colored panties

Another stunning excerpt from Catch-22:

"The maid in the lime-colored panties was a cheerful, fat, obliging woman in her midthirties with squashy thighs and swaying hams in lime-colored panties that she was always rolling off for any man who wanted her.

She had a plain broad face and was the most virtuous woman alive: she laid for everybody, regardless of race, creed, color or place of national origin, donating herself sociably as an act of hospitality, procrastinating not even for the moment it might take to discard the cloth or broom or dust mop she was clutching at the time she was grabbed. Her allure stemmed from her accessibility; like Mt. Everest, she was there, and the men climbed on top of her each time they felt the urge. Yossarian was in love with the maid in the lime-colored panties because she seemed to be the only woman left he could make love to without falling in love with. Even the baldheaded girl in Sicily still evoked in him strong sensations of pity, tenderness and regret."

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