Saturday, January 8, 2011

My HP camera works again after 3 years!

I had bought a 4.1 MP HP camera - R 607 when I was working in HP for around 12k. I am sure nobody have heard about it. HP later shut down that product line. It was a pretty good camera and it worked. 
When in SA, I had dropped the camera on a rock and somehow the lens had got struck and it would not move. Its like it died with its mouth open. The camera stopped working. I was pretty sad. But, later that year I bought a Nikon D80 and was soon in love with it. I put this HP camera somewhere on the shelf and soon forgot it. 

Yesterday, I suddenly remembered that there was a memory card inside this HP camera and thought it could be of some use. I took it out and tried the memory card. Don't know why, but the laptop did not detect it. Anyways, now that there was nothing to lose, I decided to give this camera a couple of whacks and see if it works. To my greatest surprise, the camera started to work again!! And there was some battery power left as well - after 3 years. Now thats what I call a solid battery. I took couple of photographs and saw the saved pics in the camera - all good. Happy Happy :) 

Moral of the story - if something does not work, give it a couple of whacks and then try again. Its of no use being nice all the time :)

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