Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hello Airtel, why are you stealing my money?

I had a Airtel internet connection (USB modem) which was so hopeless that I disconnected it. However there was a initial deposit amount of 1000 with them and also I did not receive the final bill. I was wondering as to what has happened and if I had missed any payments to be made. 

So I called up 121 - I thought that its a toll-free number. But now they are charging 50 paisa for 3 minutes. Anyways, the executive informed me that the final bill was 991 Rs and they have adjusted the security deposit towards this bill. So, I asked 'what about the balance 9 Rs, thats my money'. Then he says that if the balance amount is less than 25/- then they will not bother to return that. Very funny. 

Is this not stealing? I understand that the amount is small. But, its not their money!! I have asked for a full and final settlement which details all this. Lets see. 

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