Monday, January 24, 2011

Fixed my 2.5 year old iPhone 2g camera

I ripped open my 2.5 year old iphone 2.g today. Was just curious to see whats inside. Found this neat video which shows how to open it  . 

I had dropped the phone some 1.5 year back and since then the camera had stopped working. I removed the camera inside and replaced it again. Switched the phone back and boom! Camera works :)

Also, the volume adjustment button on the side had gone inside a little bit - again after a drop. This used to cause the volume level to show up on the screen when touched lightly on the side. This was very irritating as it used to block the display. I hammered the dent lightly using a small screw-driver. This problem is also gone now. 

The only issue now is that the the screen has cracked and it looks ugly. Need to know if anybody can fix this. I can do it myself if I can get hold of a new screen!!

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