Friday, October 8, 2010

They just punch holes and ask you for money

Car Mechanic:

One of the tyres of my car went flat this morning. I put a spare tyre on the car and went to a nearby mechanic shop to get it fixed. The mechanic took out the tyre and pulled the tube out. One of them was checking the tyre and showing me a screw which had pierced the tyre and caused the damage. The other went inside the shop with the tube and came after 1-2 minutes. He put some air into the tube and showed me 6-7 holes in the tube. He said that its of no use patching the tube and its better to go for a new tube. I haggled a little bit on the price and was not happy in the end. I just took the tyre and went in search of another shop.

This was the second time I was coming to this shop. It was very surprising that in the first instance also, the mechanic had persuaded me to go for a new tube rather than patching it up. I sat thinking on this for a while and then it struck me that he must have actually punched couple of holes on the tube when he had gone inside (Most probably). How stupid I am to have let this happen in front of me. I was so furious. I could have have gone back and shouted at this guy. But I had no proof that he had done this. I would have got a shout back. So, in a cowardly way I decided to cool myself and vowed never go to this guy again.

People will take you for a ride when they see that they can.


I have a current account with ICICI bank and they were charging around Rs.50/- every month. 25 for hard copy statements and 25 for for mobile alerts + taxes extra. I was getting email statements and decided that hard copies were not necessary and told them to stop them (save some trees). They stopped these and the fees for this vanished. 

I also decided that mobile alerts were not necessary. I checked internet banking to see if there was any way to stop these mobile alerts online. None. I called them up to find out a way to do this. They said that the only way to do this is to go to the branch and submit an application, signed. This is ridiculous. They just make it harder for you to stop these mobile alerts. So, I went to the branch and submitted this application - 2 months back. I am still getting mobile alerts and I am still getting charged. The person in the branch said that she will look into this and raise a query. I don't think she has done anything. I dont know what to do now.

Now, I dont see any differnce between the mechanic and these ICICI people. They just punch holes and ask you for money.



I was at the airtel shop to cancel my postpaid internet connection. I was fed up with the connection as it was very very slow. It was an unlimited plan, but whats the use? I overheard a conversation between another guy who was there to cancel his mobile phone connection:

Guy - I would like to know how much the outstanding amoutn payble is, if I close the connection?

Other side - ........

Guy - Ok, so its 1092. But there is a deposit of 500 that you took earlier. So it should be 592. 

Other side - ........

Guy - What, whats this new charge? (They told him that there is something else)

Other side - ........

Guy - (fed up) where do you keep all the money!!?


Exactly... Where do these guys keep all the money?? 

That was the end of the conversation and the guy walked off. I cancelled my connection and asked if they will take the USB modem back. It had cost me 3500. It is as good as new. I understand that its used and they cannot probably give it to other customers. But is there no way!? Its not like a mobile phone which you can sell. I will probably try to sell it somewhere else!

Anyways, they told me that I will not be charged from today and that I will get my deposit - 1000 back within 60 days. 60 days?? Why cant you give me cash now?? I had paid in cash. Are they so poor that they cant give it now? I think they will just sit on my cash and earn interest. 

Now, I dont see any differnce between the mechanic, the ICICI people and these Airtel people. They just punch holes and ask you for money.


I have opted for a Tata Photon+ USB modem now. I did test it before chosing it. And its 100 times fast and for the same money. I hope the TATAs will not punch any holes!

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ICICI Bank Care said...

Hi Sreedhar,

We are the Customer Service Team at ICICI Bank. We assure you that your problem will be looked into at the earliest but for that we will need your contact details in order to take the correct action. Please write to us at and kindly refer "784909" in the subject line.

ICICI Bank Customer Service Team.