Tuesday, October 19, 2010

ICICI - Part 2

My blog actually helped me to get the mobile alerts on my account cancelled. They also reversed the charges for 2 months. Not bad. 

I also want to narrate how ICICI marketing people sell their products - In this case: current account. 

One fine day 2 ICICI people(from Vijayanagar branch) came to my place to get all the formalities done for the opening of the account. I told them of my concern that I have to come all the way to Vijayanagar to drop any cheque. There is an ATM near our place (near Ambedkar college) but there is no cheque-drop box. The guy confidently told that the drop-box has been installed recently and he actually uses this drop-box regularly as he lives nearby. As I had not been there recently, I thought that this was true. But later (after opening account), I saw that there is no drop-box in that ATM. It was just a plain marketing lie by the ICICI guy.

I don't know why they do that - lying to customers. I visited the Vijayanagar branch sometime after this and met the same guy ( supposedly the manager) and told him that there is no drop-box at that ATM. He smiled uncomfortably and told me that there will be a branch coming soon near my place and that should solve all these problems. Another lie. One on another. No signs of any branch here yet. (I think this guy should become a politician)

I think these people have sales targets and they just want to achieve that - by hook or crook.

I had also signed the application form without reading all the contents. Definitely these people must have ticked mobile alerts ON. 

Lesson learnt: Never sign any application form without reading it fully. 



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