Saturday, October 9, 2010

Car service and hospitals - They just sell things which are not required to you

I left my car for a service today. I was very irritated by the way in which they tried to add unnecessary things-to-do to the service and increase the bill. I think, in the end, the guy was pretty sad that he did not reach the  target bill. 

I declined to get the following things done:

- Emission test - I already had it till Dec 2010

- Door rattling test - He said that he will check/fix if the doors will rattle and it costs money. (I will get it done if the doors rattle and not now)

- Wheel alignment/balancing - This is a usual thing that they do at every service. If there is any problem with the wheel alignment, you will immediately notice it, as the car will wobble at high speeds. (I will get this done when my car wobbles and not now)

These guys, I tell you, are not doing service. They just sell things which are not required to you. I even wonder whether you need a service for every 5000 Kms. 


One of friends' dad was admitted to a hospital for a particular illness. He was telling me the way in which the hospital people will add unnecessary tests daily, to send the bill sky-rocketing. If you have insurance cover, they will make sure that they will squeeze all of that within the shortest time possible.

They just sell things which are not required to you.


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