Monday, September 22, 2014

Game - Price beat

I bought a Weber on 31/08/2014 in Game somerset mall for 1800. After that I noticed that the same model is available for 1500 in Friedman and Coleman. so, I went and asked for price beat yesterday - 21/09/2014. But, the staff declined saying that yesterday was the 22nd date including the purchase date. But, another staff said that we should include the purchase date and I am entitled for the price beat. The slip says within 21 days but does not say anything about including or excluding purchase date.

I am pretty frustrated because they could not call any of their support staff for confirmation. I think that I am entitled for a price beat on the 21st day.

Will have to wait and see! I have posted this on I got a reply from Game within 2 hours which was impressive.


Game, Somerset west called me and said that they cannot do the price beat as I was on the 22nd day. But, I told it is not documented anywhere that purchase date should be included. Anyways, it was a long argument and I kept the phone down in anger.

They called me again after 45 minutes to say that they have made a special consideration on my case at the store level and are willing to do the price beat. :) I am happy.

On a final note on this, I think Game should update their rules on price beat which tells whether purchase date should be included or not. This will prevent lot of confusion in the future.

As a software programmer, I tend to test the boundary conditions :)

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