Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Indian politicians extraordinary: Yale

I cant stop laughing after reading this article. Intelligent!? I don't know. But i can say that they are clever. Thats why they are in politics.

Another excerpt from the article:

"Indian politicians are extraordinarily intelligent, extraordinarily passionate about India's advancement and extraordinarily committed to helping the nation and its people"

For god's sake!!
Everybody in India knows that people enter into politics because of one of the following reasons:

1. he/she is too rich and cant move his/her ass to do any other work and never learned to do that as well. And as they are rich its easy to get into politics. And, once they get into politics, they know that they can get back whatever money they had invested. They also see that politics can be entertaining.

2. One should really dig out our politician's academic records. It will be an interesting study. Because, am sure most of them wouldn't have a decent degree. Even if they have one, most probably it will be a fake one. Yes, with the kind of education they have, they cant get into any private sector organization. They can get a govt job by pulling some strings and boot-licking. But as they are clever they see that being IN the govt will be a better option than working FOR the govt!

3. Most of them would have committed serious crimes and politics would be definitely a safe-haven. Being on the other side of the law will definitely make a difference. One can buy judges, witnesses, change the constitution and what not. And some people will even run the govt from jail, like it happened in Bihar some time back. And if you are a bandit its even easier to get into politics. Because you have already gained a lot of popularity. If you cook up a cock and bull story and get public sympathy then the people will easily vote for you. And parties will be eager to get you into your fold. They know that they have a winner!!

There may be some exceptions to this like our own PM, but , on an average these reasons will hold true.

Another excerpt:

"This is an exceptional group of individuals. They are alert, engaged, smart, and passionate. My one surprise was how connected they were to business and management. Some run newspapers, some run hotels. So they understand not just the political environment but also some of the management challenges as well"

People at Yale should realize that being in power and running businesses will be extremely easy. power will provide all the lubricant needed to run the business smoothly. You can get grants, evade taxes without being noticed, suppress opponents and do a lot of other things which will keep the business in pink health.

Please do read the article. I am sure you will burst out laughing.

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