Friday, September 14, 2007

Divide and rule!

The TN gov has carved out a 3.5% out of the existing 30 % reservation for Backward Classes for Muslims and Christians who are already listed in the category. Politicians!! given a chance they will go to the extent of creating village-based, lane-based, person-based reservations, just for votes. I really cant see India without reservations in the near/far-future. Its a dream.

It was also funny to see the Supreme court's reaction:

The Supreme Court today expressed concern over the increasing number of castes on the backward classes list for quotas in jobs and educational institutions.

“Is there a list of total number of castes?” asked a five-judge Constitution bench headed by Chief Justice K.G. Balakrishnan. “It is strange that when we do not have an outer limit we are adding more castes to the list.”

The court’s observation came during hearing on a petition filed by anti-quota activists.

“India is shining but backwardness is increasing rapidly with the number of backward castes,” he said.


Anonymous said...

Can't believe that the same crap is still going on. This was the case when I left 25 years ago. And I was hoping that they had made some progress, but I guess politicians are the same the world over....

sreedhar gundappa said...

ya.. its still the same shit, only getting worse. I agree with you. All politicians belong to the same same family!!