Sunday, July 15, 2007

Another interesting chat

He: do you believe in God?

me: i am actually in confused state. my logical mind is fighting with me nowadays to prove god
what about u ?

He: I support your logical mind....

me: hmm.... but i have believed in god all these years .. so i think it will take time for me to actually reject god completely
its difficult

He: true.. we cannot become atheists overnight.....

me: ya

He: I believe there is God which is nothing but your Self Confidence....its the greatest power

me: very true, but still we cannot delete god!! :)

He: correct...but I wonder...who created the world and the universe...and what is the purpose for which we are here??..any thoughts and opinions on this ??

me: there is no purpose for which we were created... we were just created by accident - we are a by product of evolution. time and space is still a mystery - i think, we cannot find as to when all began or when all will end or how big is this universe ... time and space are infinite quantities
what say ?

He: may be...not sure...but dont you think...time and space are defined by humans ...and just a concept...not concrete quantities

me: thats true ... do you know that if we travel fast time will actually slow down

He: ya....

me: relativity

He: true....

me: all i can say is we quantify those bcoz science needs things which are quantified to work on

He: very true, so ...what do you think...what should be our aim in life?? is it just surviving ??

me: ya... food is the basic need of life... we all do whatever we do for food... bcoz we dont like to be starved to death.. and other things we do is to keep us occupied till we die - like studying, working, entertainment. also we want to propagate our genes .. so we get married and pass on our genes to our children...
thats it :)

He: i feel man wants to live for ever ..but cant do tries to live thro his children...
but i am not sure why we should survive and propagate...??

me: u r asking the purpose again .. .our genes have been coded like that :) they make us reproduce and pass our genes its inbuilt [or only the genes which do that have survived]

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Swati said...

interesting posts shre. though i stil hv to go thru the whole lot.