Thursday, February 17, 2011

I think RTO is the most fucked-up dept in the govt.

I visited RTO(Road transport Organization), Rajajinagar last week seeking an address change on my Driver's license. I had my rental agreement as proof of address. They  said that for rental agreement I will also need an affidavit from a lawyer. I paid 150 and got an affidavit. After that the officer insisted for the electricity bill which I did not have at that time. He told me to visit the office along with it. I went today with all the documents. Here is the full log of what I did at RTO today:

  • Stood in the Q for 15 minutes to pay cash - required to issue a new card with the changed address
  • The lady told that I have to go to another counter and get the amount written on the form
  • I went to counter-21 and got the amount written on my DL Xerox
  • Stood in the Q and paid 220.
  • Went to counter-21 and showed all the forms. The fellow said that I need to put a self-addressed envelope and attach my DL with the form. 
  • Went out and bought an envelope. Attached it to the documents and went back to  counter-21
  • The lady took the application. Filled my details in some torn ledger. Asked another fellow to give an acknowledgement. I thought all was going well. 
  • Then another officer came and checked my documents. He told that I will need to fill 2 other forms which are available outside in the shops. 
  • I went out, bought the other 2 forms, filled them and came back to counter-21
  • The officer took the documents and gave it to another person sitting next for signatures. Some other guy appeared suddenly and asked me talk to another officer sitting in the back.
  • I went inside and spoke to the guy. Now, he tells me that they don't accept rental agreement as proof. I told him that, last week, they only had told me to get the rental agreement with the affidavit. But, he says that the rules have changed this week. 
  • I asked the other guy as to why he gave me the wrong information last week. He tells me that this is the first time he is seeing me - fair enough, they see lot of faces daily!!

I have decided that I will not go there again.

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