Monday, August 2, 2010

Upliftment of the downtrodden!

Near our house there is this little 'ashram'. These are places where
people practice celibacy and god and such stuff away from all the
scantily clad women that you find in the cities so that there is
absolutely no distraction. It is situated right next to a huge sewage
line which is one of the lines that carry the waste from each home in
Bangalore and out of the city. Traditionally such ashrams are known to
be at the banks of rivers where they can take a dip daily and clean
their arse.

I hear that a landlord had donated a part of his land for this ashram
so that he could get rid of the sins he has committed on earth and get
a first class ticket to heaven. Or probably no one wanted to buy that
land as it was right next to the gutter. Anyways, all this while the
ashram was a quite place in some remote place of Bangalore.

I think that the ashram people noticed that no one was peeping inside
their lives and seek blessings, listen to their preachings, kiss their
feet and wash their sins away. How can the lives of these saints go
wasted when there is so much moral corruption to be cleaned up in this
silicon city of india?

So, they have to attract people and one way was to be loud in what
they do. Atleast somebody will listen. They installed a loud-speaker
on the roof and started playing bhajans – devotional songs at specific
times each day. I must say that this is noise pollution. It has
disturbed my sleep during mornings these days. They start the bhajans
at 5.45 am (thats pretty early for me) and play for 45 mins and repeat
the same at regular intervals. It looks like they have picked up some
good classical music. Its good, but not when you are sleeping and not
when its so loud.

I dont understand the economies of these ashram's or mutts. But I hear
that they run the government in Karnataka. They are supposed to be
very influential and have the power to sway the minds of the voters at
the time of each election. So all the leaders and politicians go and
kiss their feet and what not and donate whole-hearteldy. This money is
used for charity and the general upliftment of the downtrodden
(Remembering from college days – this is the exact function of a bra).

I occasionally saw ashram people playing cricket. They also need some
entertainment in life. I wonder if they have have got cable. I wonder
what else is going on inside this ashram. Recently a guru was caught
on camera with an actress in bed. You never know! But we know that
they are also human beings with the same set of genetic forces acting
upon them.

I also hear that this ashram has got a grant from the government to
build a hostel for students of its own caste. Each ashram has to be
associated with a caste. Invariably only people of that caste will be
following them. A hostel for students is a nice plan. They will have
at their disposal, freshly baked minds to write whatever they want.

Enough said.

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