Friday, May 23, 2008

what you dont have is what you want!

I was returning back to India from SA after finishing my assignment. I met three different set people in the journey and they were quite interesting.

The first one is a family of Indian origin, now settled in SA. The guy said that they visit India every year. Last year they had been to north India and this time they were visiting the south. Pretty interesting stuff. Somehow they don't want to lose that connection with India. I wonder why people do that. They just don't want to lose their identity.

I met another lady who was going to London. She looked little tipsy. guess she had had couple of drinks before boarding. she said she was going to meet her son after 14 years. I was shocked. How can that be?! and i don't have to mention here that she was excited. she said she was going to bring back him to SA and look after him from now on. Must have been a divorce case.

The last set of them was an old couple. I was sitting next to the lady. She gave me good company all through the way. she was going to meet her daughter in london who was soon going to have a baby. she was so happy that she was going to be a grand-ma. This couple had fled Zimbabwe and settled in SA. I dont know when!

People are always after something. Something or the other. They always want to be doing something or the other. They just wanna be busy.

I think the only part of life which is good to live is one's childhood. i always remember the book 'To kill a mocking bird'. Such an amazing book, full of childhood and innocence. But when we are kids, we always want to be grown-ups and have a job and make money. but when you get there, you suddenly see that its all shit. you knew that you wanted all this. but you did not know how it will be. now you know! and you want go back from where you came from. Man, you aways want what you dont have at this point of time - something new or something old. But not the one that i have right now. Give me a break!

I think i wanna be a carpenter. I am tired of this software shit. :)

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