Sunday, February 3, 2008

Taare zameen par

Watched it yesterday. good movie. good work by Amir.

It may be just a coincidence. I was reading 'Calvin and hobbes' and happened to find the 6+5 problem (3+9 in the movie), where calvin imagines himself on a spacecraft hurling planet 6 against 5 and only 6 remains the end. So he writes the answer as 6. The same stuff is there in movie as well. Guess Amir is a fan of Calvin.

Now, thats called copying.

Anyways, i think Amir has stuffed a lot of crying into the movie. May be he wanted to move the audience a bit. I was also moved. I dont know why! but Indian Film makers resort to making the audience cry and all... why?!! I guess, the feeling stays for a longer time if u do that... how long ?

whatever, in the end, a good movie to watch.


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