Monday, November 5, 2007

De Akker - The Oak tree

De Akker – This is the second oldest pub in South Africa and I have been there many times. It is very special because of its oldness. You may call it kind of mature pub.

You will meet a lot of peculiar people here, including me. Some people come to study the nature of other people. I find it interesting to be with these people and make them the subject of my study!

Many people who come there just to get drunk and to get hooked up with somebody. I go there for the same reason as well! ;)

People come with friends or meet friends there and have fun time. People come to listen to music. Men come to check women and vice-versa.

I go there because I don’t have much to do on weekends and the time ticks faster over there.

I can read books at home. But reading people is very nice and especially when they are under the influence of alcohol.

I have met Indians who have settled here long ago, Americans, Pakistanis, Swiss people on holiday, Germans, and yes, lot of local people - white, black, colored etc.

It is interesting. When I was in India I never used to go to a pub/bar alone. It was always with friends. And I had never experienced this sort of thing where you meet strangers.

There are many ways to get into conversations. Men will be waiting for some female to take out her cigarette, so that they can light the cigarette and strike a conversation as well. It is usually the fastest and the most alert who wins in the end. Darwin’s theory holds good here as well.

Or, if you have a cigarette you can go looking for a girl with a lighter!

Another thing to be taken care of when you are looking for men/women is to know your probability in the crowd and also to be able to estimate somebody else’s. If you know your probability, then its relatively easy, than shooting everywhere.

For ex, when I am in a white crowd, my probability will immediately go down when they see that I am an Indian. But it will shoot up if I go to some other pub where there are more colored people. Again it is Darwin’s natural selection.

Well, that will do for this post. I will come with more specific cases later!!


Anonymous said...

This blog made an intersting read .. particularly the probability and Darwin angle ..i think you intellectualise common place situations very well ..Keep it going ..
--Raghuram S

sowmya said...

i m waiting for the next part of this write-up...